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Giftly is a virtual gift card company that was looking to improve the conversion of their merchant eGifts.



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Unlike traditional gift cards, Giftly offers a flexible eGift that can be used at any merchant, not just one preselected by the sender. Because many of their visitors arrived on their site through a Google search, these visitors didn't know how Giftly was not only different but better than traditional gift cards.

Telling this product story in a simple way that was both mobile-friendly and frictionless in its checkout experience were the main challenges of the project.


The Problem


The Goals

Working with the product team, we identified the following key goals:
1. Modernize look and feel of the consumer experience
2. Optimize the experience for mobile (65% of traffic is mobile)
3. Increase the number of customers getting to checkout (from 10%)
4. Reduce mobile bounces on checkout (48%)
5. Reduce exits during delivery & card selection (50%)
6. Reduce payment errors & retries

Our Solution


Our Solution

Our approach entailed crafting a mobile-first design that centered around contemporary visuals that evoked the emotional pull of gifting. Sending a gift card can feel very transactional, so we centered the experience around personalizing the virtual card with creative card designs, and adding delighters to make the act of sending a virtual card still feel personalized and intimate.


01. Desktop
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Homepage Redesign

We leaned into showcasing bold images of gift boxes to evoke a sense of nostalgia, in spite of the product being primarily digital in nature. This strategy was carried throughout the product by adding moments of delight as the gifter personalized their virtual gift card.

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Improved Checkout Flow

We optimized the checkout by chunking the flow into discrete steps. The first step entailed the basics of the gift: the amount and the card design. The second step was to set up the delivery method. The third was a personalized message. And the fourth and final step was all about payment.

Mobile Redesign

02. Mobile
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For gifters who need a little inspiration, the Browse page showcases a range of popular gifting options and combinations.

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The first step in the gifting process starts with choosing a custom card design.

/ 03

The homepage highlights the flexiblity of the eGift.

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