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Stash is a fintech startup that democratizes access to investing for everyone.


Stash Financial

Project Type

Mobile iOS, Mobile Android, Responsive Web

Working in an embedded manner with Stash's money movement team, we tackled a variety of different customer challenges and business initiatives to grow deposits and thereby grow their user's long-term investment portfolios.

A key area we worked on was a core product feature called AutoStash which allowed users to automate their investments in a set it and forget it manner.


The Problem


The Problem

Working with product and user research, we tackled some of Stash's top customer service support requests: money transfers and automation.

Users were often confused by:
01 / How to set up transfers, such as withdrawals
02 / Max transfer limits
03 / Funds availability and processing times.

The Solution


The Solution

The previous transfer motif was centered around moving money between a source and a destination, which led to confusion. In our new approach, we focused on the jobs to be done:

01 / Add money to an account, i.e. deposit
02 / Move money between accounts
03 / Withdraw money

App Design



A core feature of Stash was the ability to easily automate deposits and investments. This feature allowed users to build a habit of investing without having to even think about it. So it was vital to not only educate users about the benefits but to have them participate in a frictionless and elegant way.

/ 01

Auto-Stash Simplified

01 / Organized the tabs by investments and deposits
02 / Stacked action tiles display key insights and tips
03 / Overview visualized auto-deposits and investments
04 / Active strategies show current automatications

/ 02

Auto Investments

01 / Tile shows active recurring investments
02 / Graph shows projected growth to keep users motivated
03 / Callout tiles promote additional ways to invest with the platform.